Airtel Xstream Fiber Faizabad/Ayodhya Users

One issue with router, if I try to change the name of wifi ssid, then the internet stops working. To fix it, I have to reset the router.
One query, around 3:50 to 4:30, everyday the pppoe connection resets, ofcourse I dont feel the internet to be absent as I am watching videos that time. Is it with the cities you guys live in also? In my previous city, pppoe connection lasted for 3 months.

Please enlighten a little, @Sushubh @shashankb
If you are referring to 4:30pm then it's highly unusual and you should take to your local office if it's causing trouble in video calls and such. The new CGNAT being implemented everywhere could have changed the way it's routinely done. If it's 4:30am then it's normal👍

You can resetting it once in the 11 pm night to see if it holds a 24 hour interval
Its actually 4:30 pm. I did reset the pppoe connection around 2pm today, thinking automatic reset will be done next day at 2pm, but that is not the case. Looks like they have set a specific time for the reset. If I buy static IP, will it fix this thing?
That is the local LAN DHCP lease time for connected devices to router not Public IP lease time. That should most likely be in the WAN section or front Dashboard.

And why is it showing Jio ?

Safari has gone mad, it shows jio because previously I used to access JIO interface with the same IP.