Another possible solution for broadband client

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Even if u use msconfig to take out entries, the bit** client that it is , enables them

I checked out their log and it 'checks' some registey entries to see if mcafee is installed,that's why uninstalling it doesn't work , so I thought what if I delete mcafee and leave the entries der ??

works like a charm

the baskets again , don't install this in program files ,so had to search ,the files are in

windows\mcio folder ,just go inside and delete ALL the folders inside

wallah ,mcafee is out

let me know ppl
I donno y u ppl r after their anti-virus so much.This is the only antivirus i have seen which uses RAM under 1MB and works the way an anti-virus shud work.
Anyway, therez another thing u guys can do to take out anti-virus.Call up customer care (i know its big time h@$$el, but it will atleast let u go of antivirus), n tell them u dont want to install anti virus with client.They should tell u to re-install the client after un-installin the current one, then on next install it wont put any anti virus on ur comp.did it today only.
After dilly dallying on calling up Customer Care to disable McAfee from their end I finally took matters in my own hand yesterday night and disabled McAfee myself 😛 .Someone long ago had suggested this method on this forum. I didn't uninstall McAfee the normal way first because that would never work unless you first call up Cust Care and get stuff (Windows Registry Check) disabled from their end. I just deleted the MyCIO folder in the C:\Windows directory, disabled all the McAfee entries from my Startup Programs list and installed AVG Free. Thereafter on rebooting when I logged on to Sify to update AVG it didn't force me to remove AVG and install McAfee hehehe.
I had uninstalled mcafee w/o deleting registry installation entries (nearly same way as above) but later on my CTO disabled registry check on his own, realising there was no point.I had anyway made it very clear that I didnt want to switch from AVG right in the beginning 😉
How did you go about doing that? That is uninstallation without deleting the registry entries?

The easiest way to do it would be to simply remove the directory, and then delete the startup entries only using something like Startup Control Panel. Not really necessary. On a windows 98 system, after uninstalling the program, the site still shows that mcafee is installed 😕
Oh, that's what I did. I thought you were talking about another way to go about it 😛 .