Any Offerz in MUMBAI

Sify when was launched had 32 kbps made only for 1 individual. gradually it increased so a couple could use it. Then increased a bit(s) so that their child can also use it. Then came family pack so that 4 member family can use some bytes. I am going forward so that when they launch sasural( A pack which can be used when your in - laws come home to use it) I can invite all my sasural people (say additional 4 members 😛 then comes colony where in you can also call your friends at home to surf 😛😛 and then full society- which includes your building and neighbouring wings etc etc..Hence dont be surprised with these marketing names which sify may use 😛😛
:lol: Sasural pack.By the way that 128 pack if it has a 150 MB limit should also have night-time unlimited download 😉.