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Pl check UR in AP
check the price unbelivable

Price For Domestic Customer
Package Validity Subscription Charges Download Limit
1GB Data Transfer 1 Month 300 1GB
1GB Data Transfer 2 Month 400 1GB
1GB Data Transfer (Night unlimited) 1 Month 400 1GB+Extra
2GB Data Transfer 1 Month 500 2GB
2GB Data Transfer(Night unlimited) 1 Month 600 2GB+Extra
100 MB 3 Month 300 100 MB
SPEED 2 Mbps
Night unlimited (11:00pm -6.00am)
64 kbps (Unlimited) 1 Month 300 Unlimited
* Services tax extra

Man I wud love o go for 1GB+Extra plan ......wow wish they were in delhi
Unbelievable ! 2 Mbps for 400/- with night unlimited .Eager to know some reviews of these packs.
Dont get excited guys..this is just a small local ISP..so dont expect reviews of any kind
hmmm, if you go to the actual tarriffs page, you will see it's rather ambiguous whether the speed of all these packages is 2 Mbps or whether that is just a separate package that they haven't filed in the details for yet... I would put my money on the latter, given that providing a 2 Mbps connection for Rs. 600 is just absurdly low.

Also, notice how lovingly they have put a 64kbps unlimited package at the bottom...

uhh... so sivaparanur, you are saying that the ISP is providing a 64 Kbps (unlimited) package for Rs. 300, while at the same cost they have a 2Mbps (1GB transfer)???? I think Not! I think you read the page wrong.
The details mentioned about Aksh are correct and I'm a subscriber for around 2 months now. Their service is also pretty much good though there are some occassional downtimes.Getting a clean 2 Mbps (~256 KBps) speeds easily and at night times, the speeds hovers around 3-3.5 Mbps...Infact all packages other than the crappy 64Kbps unlimited package are 2 mbps packages with different volume and time limitsThe cost is also less, I'm paying just 750 Rs/month for the 2 Mbps Night Unlimited package...Difficult to believe ??.. Accept it...

SE, where exactly are you located in Hyderabad? I live in VengalRaoNagar (Near Ameerpet) and have a local guy provide me net connection from Aksh. It is 256 Kbps (2GB limit) package. When I asked him about these 2Mbps connections he says the current 256kbps will be upgraded to 2Mbps. and the bandwidth has not been allocated to him yet.Probably your location and provider's name or some phone number in Aksh would be of great help
Hi SkidRock,I'm located near Athapur Ring Road, MehdhiPatnam. The local operator who manages the last mile connectivity is Gemini Communications. Unlike a few other operators in the same area who drags CAT5 cables all around, the infrastructure Gemini Communications is deploying is pretty good. Till the building it is Optical Fibre and then a Media Convertor and a Gigabit Switch serving CAT5 to the end customer.I used to contact the same number quoted in the Aksh website, but its not of much help since it is solely the operator who will be able to push things for you.Initially they were reluctant to give this package saying that they cannot issue it to just one user but has to be brought by the local operator as a pack of 10 users. I'm not sure how the operator managed it though. It required me around 1 month of constant follow-up with the operator to get this done. Good Luck!!!
Wow !! You people are really getting 2Mbps speeds...thats really good. I guess there is a night unlimited offer for that w/o which the plans are of no use....Any ways i live in Tolichowki where i dont think this service is available, any ways i shall wait for new plans from BSNL , if they are not out i will switch opeartors (Even i m quite relucant to switch operators )Edit : Just read again that there is a NU offer. This is real good. I guess i need to follow up these guys
Thnx for this piece of info. I currently have a 64kbps unlimited package from a different provider and I too live at Atthapur. I'll check this gemini communications ASAP. And yeah SE-Z1010 is this guy new?