Are torrent speeds fine on Airtel Xstream Broadband?

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People using Xstream, do you get torrent speeds as expected? Is there any throttling for you?

Also, can you unblock the torrent sites by using dns (not warp, only dns)? Or do you need a VPN/proxy?
airtel does not use dns based blocking so you would need to use a VPN to access the blocked ones. some might work with https though i think airtel got them mostly covered.

i haven't seen any p2p blocking on airtel. i do use it on vpn mostly. but speeds are fine if i disable the vpn for a while.
I get 8-9MBPS on my 100 Mbps line without VPN. At one time initially I got around 13-14 MPBS. But still happy with those speeds.
I am sought of confused now. I tried downloading a movie from +orren+, first try gave me speeds upto 8-9MB/s. Then tried an ubuntu iso using +orren+ and speeds were in the range 3-4MB/s on both pc and laptop. Did the same test today, nothing changed. Now downloaded the ubuntu iso file from firefox and got speeds in between 14-14.5MB/s.
I thought that this might be due to dns, so changed from cloudflare to airtel, no change. Reverted back to cloudflare and got those speeds of 14 MB/s. Didn't try on VPN as I don't have one.
As members using vpn didn't mention and speeds issues, then it must be something to do with Airtel throttling speeds.
Can anyone share link for a good random +orren+ with private seeders just to check if anything wrong from my side? I am currently downloading ubuntu- from here. Is it a good link to try out speeds?
Getting 20-25 MBPS download speed on torrents on 200mbps plan only if i try to download multiple torrents in parallel.

single torrent speed hovers between 14-16MBPS

and yes ubuntu iso download slow on torrent and fast on browser
@Rickysin same here, getting speeds of 120-125 Mbps on multiple +orren+s download, single ones cap out at 4 MBps. All on cloudflare dns.
Don't know what to make out of this.. 🤔
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