Are you getting JioSaavn Pro with Reliance Jio Fiber connection?

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I am getting updated....
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Hey guys,

Are you getting JioSaavn Pro with you jio fiber account? In subscription it shows jisaavn subscription is present but account shows free profile.
Also are you able to login fiber account on phone on jiosaavn?
Shows free for me as well when I log into the app on the phone
How do you log into the app on the phone? With Jio Fiber registered mobile number or with Jio landline number?
Because when I enter landline number, it says OTP has been sent but I don't get any OTP on my registered number(It should not be accepting landline numbers in the first place). While logging in directly with registered mobile shows free account.
I used my mobile number which is not a Jio number but registered mobile number with my JioFiber connection. Got Pro access.
Same here no pro access. Did you get a 3 month or one month pro?

I had asked the CC about it. They said that you don't get Pro along with JioFiber. You will have to purchase that separately.