BeamCable = BullCrap cable

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hi im from hyderabadI am a Beamcable Broadband user for the last 15 months. Im on 512 kbps plan @ 1,500/- beamcable uses "Cyberoam 24online" client To ... bound the Bandwidth and block all p2p ports I can't get 1/10th of that connection paying 3 times the price. What I have on the name of broadband is a connection that at best gives me 5 KBps download speed and when I am downloading something, my messengers end up disconnecting themselves for the lack of bandwidth available to them. Have some pity on me.Don't Waste your hard earned money on BeamCable = BullCrap cableI would never ever recommend BeamCable to anyone . I don't even want my money back, just stop them from taking anyone elses.
BC cable ?We had a more interesting expansion of that short-form here, a few months ago, eh sushubh? 😉
I m also usin Beam cable.....It really sux....!I ve taken annual package of 128Kbps of Rs 6000.& I say it really sux..I jus get ul speed of 4 KBps & download of 7 KBps.. dese guys even block all da ports on your system coz of dat Bitorrent client always remains unconnectable ..!Jus wanna know from all other guys staying in Hyd facin same problem...V cud drag dese in court..!!!BTW....Izzy where u stay in Hyd...??? I stay in ECIL
Originally posted by max@Feb 1 2006, 08:37 PM
i get better speeds on my 64Kbps connection 🙂

Which area u live m8...??U using any spl program for ur speed??
Help us out m8..!!
Originally posted by Abhishekrox@Feb 1 2006, 09:10 PM
Which area u live m8...??U using any spl program for ur speed??
Help us out m8..!!
He is from Mumbai Nicknamed Chirkut :lol:

pity on all u beam customers....i guess beam is worse than sifyBTW has amy body from hyd tried the sify 256 kbps plan ?