Best Isp In Andheri East

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To all the guyz in mumbai, i would like ur inputs on which ISP has the cheapest and best tariff's in Andheri East near the Andheri station. I tried to look for airtel and hathway but with not much luck. Anyone living in these area plz help me out.
go for iquara broadband isp i have heard that their services are very good or go for tata indicom broadband.visit
howz mtnl triband?? ive been looking at their site and the registration charges and tariff is too much i feel. If any mtnl triband users can share their experience it will be helpful. Howz the billing?? is it better than bsnl??
iquara is better than mtnl i have heard their download speed policy on their 256kbps plan is 32KB/SEC for download and 32KB/SEC for upload whereas mtnl average download speed on 256kbps plan is 28KB/SEC and for upload i think it is maximum 8KB/SEC confirm it with a mtnl broadband user.