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I bought the Nokia 6600 SmartPhone about 4 months back.

Although, now many new phones have come out which are appreciably far more advanced than the 6600 like the 6630, 6260, 6620, and not to mention the new clam shell phones in the market like moto Razer. But, at the time of my purchase of the 6600, the options that I had were limited - comprising of the 6600 itself, SE K700i, K500i, etc. I bought the K700i first and returned after a week 😛 . Then I bought the 6600.

Read the following lengthy but comprehensive review (which is still incomplete) to know a lot about this smart device.

I am writing this review in the midst of my pre-board examinations only to satisfy my obsession and love for my new Nokia 6600 “Mobile phone” (I strongly believe that this device doest not fall an inch close to the category of a mobile phone, and I am totally against this acquisition made on it). This whitepaper discusses the infinite number of “unknown”, “unseen”, and “unspoken” features of which the common mobile phone buyer has no idea or clue. This whitepaper enlists the documented features as well as the scope of application of the large amount of software that can be installed into this hi-tech device in detail. It is sure to satisfy any mobile buyer not to go for any other mobile phone in it’s price range (Namely the SE K700i, K500i, etc). I am encouraged to write the whitepaper because Nokia will never talk about their phones in detail because they don’t want the mobile phone customer to think bad about the whole concept about which the 6600 revolves, and the unmatched technology it contains. I also write , so as to make people understand about the vast differences between firmware and software, between a mobile phone and a smart phone, between Java and Symbian, none the less , between the 6600 and the k700i, k500i, and all other series 40 phones of Nokia. Due to the scarcity of time, I can only detail the features of the phone which are unknown or which are different than the ordinary mobile phones, but will surely complete this article when my pre-board finishes.


It is a well-dressed product which has all the in-built features of a multimedia vga camera mobile phone has such as :

    *3.5mm VGA Camera:

o with day and night modes

o and 2x digital zoom, by the way, I also wanted to comment on this foolish specification. All the camera phones available in the market only have a “Digital Zoom”, its totally different from an “Optical Zoom”. In a digital zoom, the photo is just enlarged by the software after taking the picture, so that it is same as taking the picture in 1x mode and zooming on it than to take the picture in 2x mode. I hope that I am making my point. The real difference is the bit depth. The 6600 has a bit depth of 300 Kilo Pixels. The k700i has a bit depth of 400 Kilo Pixels. But, the 7610 has a bit depth of 1500 kilo pixels or 1.5 Mega Pexals.

o which can take pictures of the resolution of 640X480

o and gives reasonable photo quality pictures which one can get printed at a Kodak Photo Center by transferring the photos via Bluetooth via the software available in the sales package (installed into the 32 MB MMC).

o The night mode takes pictures with clearly visible dots of random colors which can be easily removed by using the software called “ULEAD Photo Express” on the PC (this software comes free with the 6600 in a CD).

o One can take photos with the built-in camera application , transfer the pictures via Bluetooth, Infrared, MMS, or Email or other destinations such as FTP or IRC transfer, which is only for the geeky.

o Different applications are available for taking pictures, which provide features such as

o taking pictures in sepia, b&w, and different colour modes, (this feature is boasted about a lot in the new BenQ camera phone in television commercials, and it makes me laugh a lot at the standard of BenQ. I mean isn’t this awfully funny, there saying the main catch about their phone is that it takes photos in different colour modes, which is one of the infinitely many possibilities which are possible with the 6600’s camera).

o putting them in greetings cards,

o calendars,

o making them your screen saver,

o wallpaper,

o full screen slideshow on your phone,

o uploading them on the net,

o taking pictures of people’s faces and then morphing them to different moods (this too is the main boasted feature of a BenQ phone).

o Changing brightness, contrast, hue, saturation, resolution (Yes! I have software which can convert the pictures taken in 640X480 to 1028X768 resolution, although the clarity remains same on zooming in on the bigger pictures, Obviously!)

o Video recording at 15 fps in medium quality mode and about 6-8 fps in high quality mode.

o In-built video recording format: 3GP, RM.

o Other formats possible with third party software: MPEG, AVI.

o Some useful applications of the Camera API

o – turn your phone into a motion detecter and surveillance system. The phone will record video and sound when it detects motion and alarm you via sms, email, or by calling you directly!

o – a game called Mosquitos which uses your phone’s camera as an input device for moving the player’s scope in the game! This is difficult to describe, but a mobile gamer will definitely understand what I mean!

o Oh – just another thing about video recording. The in-built application allows you to record video clips of max. 95 kb size. But many software’s can be installed into the phone allowing continuous, uninterrupted video recording until your battery goes down or your memory card gets filled up completely !

o You can also view the camera viewport on the PC, via bluetooth and monitor activities in other parts of your house wherever you keep your phone! Take pictures or record video on your PC!

o Make your phone a web cam for your computer! Video chat on MSN or Yahoo Messenger!

o Video chat or voice chat over a high speed CSD internet connection (which is not available in India till now) or Bluetooth with your friends having a 6600!

o …oh, and that includes normal text chatting over Bluetooth too, but that will be discussed later.

    *  Multimedia:

o Watch videos in possibly any format you can imagine – 3GP, RM (with the built in Real ONE Player), AVI (you can install codecs of your choice – even DivX and XviD!), MPEG, RMVB, WMV, MOV.

o Listen to music in formats such as MP3, WAV, OGG, AMR, RM, 3GP, MID, NRT, and other ringtone formats.

o Listen to music and play songs over the phone line ! Yes, this is true, you can very well let your friends here songs stored in your 6600 by making a call to them and playing the file. It will not play through the loudspeaker but through the phone line when the call is connected. As soon as you disconnect the call, the song will very conveniently start playing over the loudspeaker. Nice and neat, isn’t it?

o Record your outgoing as well as incoming telephonic and general conversations. Record voice by switching on the sound recorder and putting it on the table on in your pocket. The Microphone is very sensitive.

o Watch full length Movies, VCDs, DVDs that you have by first converting into much smaller files (about 80-100 MB) for your full and then transferring them via Bluetooth or an MMC reader to your phone. Watch them full screen! Pause, Play, Fast Forward, Rewind, Take screenshots of in-between frames, and much much more! Don’t worry about memory, because cards of even a gigabyte of memory are available in the market now-a-days.

o Theme enabled interface. Completely changes the menu, desktop, buttons, icons.

I will continue writing about my favourite teenage obsession after my pre-boards. For now, I think this is enough for convincing half of the readers about the greatness of this smart phone and I will definitely continue this whitepaper to include much more about the Symbian OS, the productivity applications, the variety of file formats, the network, gaming, java, Bluetooth, and other APIs available in Symbian and a lot more.
are you sure this phone is actually a smartphone? from what i know blackberry and treo two phones which can actually be considered smartphone. 😕
are you sure this phone is actually a smartphone? from what i know blackberry and treo two phones which can actually be considered smartphone. 😕[/b]

Well, frankly speaking, such unjust statements are the reason I started this topic. People just don't know!!!!!

It is a mini computing device powered by the Symbian OS. Symbian is such a powerful OS!! It gives developers so many APIs to work with like Networking , Multimedia, Bluetooth, etc. Even DIRECT SCREEN ACCESS!!

Even the N-GAGE, 6630, 6260, 7650, etc are powered by the Symbian OS.

These are all smartphones. They take time to startup. They can be customized to every extent! You can install every kind of software that you use on ur PC!!..

Some useful applications : MSN/Yahoo/ICQ/AOL combined messenger, Opera Browser (supporting javascript, VB and all DHTML content). camera software (wide variety), MP3 players. software to open all regular file formats like - Zip, PDF, Rar, etc, Media - avi, mpeg, mov, rm, 3gp, mp3, ogg, etc.

There is also a software called Quick Office which includes a word processing app, spreadsheet app, and even power point - like presentation app !!!!

There is a software even for using IRC!!!

The multimedia and graphics APIs are also very advanced. You can very well understand this by playing any of the latest N-GAGE games. There are full - featured 3D games, with cut-scenes, 3d animations, background sounds, and all the effects that u get in regular PC/Concolse Games.. game developers are releasing their PC, Console and N-GAGE version of the games at the same time!! Eg. - Need for Speed Underground 2, Spiderman 2, Call of Duty, Red Faction 2, Medal Of Hounour, etc. can be played on a Symbian powered N-GAGE or 6600 smartphone!!!!

The Symbian OS is so very powerful that it makes Nokia 6600 eligible to a much higher title than a smartphone!!

And, I advice u to read the above review carefully to @$$ert whether it should be called a smartphone or not!!!

If all this doesn't satify you, then u gotta buy any other mobile gadget like a laptop or something to fulfill ur needs man!!

If you want to know more about what variety of software are available for this smartphone please go to the following site
I haven't used many smartphones but I used one of them last week for 4 days-
O2 XDA II.. uncle came down from cal. He got the O2 xda(uk company) in oct,04 in hong kong.

Build quality- absolutely solid
Screen- 240x320(very sharp and bright)
sound- even at full volume, the music is absolutely clear(this is the first time I have heard a small device pump out so much music)
storage- mmc/sd cards. Nokia takes rs-mmc or something like that so that works out costlier.
camera/video- the xda has a .6 camera and records video in mpeg4. The photo and video quality is quite good for phones(much better than that of other camera phones)
I installed a lot of games and apps on the phone but didn't use them much.

the gprs connection(hutch) was really stable and connection speed was some 40kbps. Got hutch tv to work on this handset. eventhough hutch says only nokia handsets are capable, the xda is a evdo set but you got to go to hutch office to activate it.

There was only one problem I encountered with the xda but even this was microsoft's problem - setting up imap4 mail. So I instead setup pop3 gmail and it worked fine(and fast). Handwriting recognition is good but keypad and thumbpad are much faster.

But there is one big problem with all smartphones- surfing the net with them is a real pain in the @$$. The screen is 1/6th the size of a regular lcd screen and the amount of scrolling you have to do is insane.

Two accessories I used with this phone-
bluetooth headset and xda thumbpad

take a look at the rest of the specs here

total price incl. the above 2 accessories(the bluetooth headset was purchased with the xda, the thumbpad was bought later) was about 750 us $.

If you take a look at phones nowadays, many try to have all features possible but not all of them work well. It is a business smartphone and the price and features reflect that. In this phone, everything just works(and therefore also sells very well in the UK).

Tested a nokia 6630 2 days back. Quite nice, screen is a little small to watch video on but should do ok.
i have seen lots of Sony and Nokia models including the latest flexi phone from nokia... the best camera quality i found on Panasonic gd88.

Well, as I said, there are lot of nice smartphones out there today that are in no comparison with the 6600.

Secondly, Symbian Rocks!!! There are absolutely no virus problems!! Althought its a bit slow at times, and takes a lot of time to startup, it's features really compensate for all of that!

Talking about the new smartphones, the best choices in terms of features and value for money are :

The full-featured portable office solutions in the palm of your hand:

Nokia 9300

(i really want to request the admin to increase the number of images per post)