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i want that my photo shud b there wid every new post i make in my i post in the photo is there....jus like tatpls help2ndly how can i see how many ppl hv visited my blog?
Add HTML code everytime you post...What blog service are ya using? wordpress comes with inbuilt counters....
i using need help with counters.also do i need to publish my blog again when i make a new post? i m new 2 this blog thing 🙂
you can get Links of free counter providers thru net search .just use "free counter" blogspot as the key words .when we make a new post , we just click on publish it .If we edit a previous post , we have to publish it again .If we change settings ( add Links / change Template etc )then we have to publish it again . some times we may justrepublish the index depending on the requirement .
I think WordPress is better than and it was simpler for me. Anyways, GOOGLE is the place where you can find all the answers to your questions, I had problems adding counters when I used to blog on but having a photo of yours is simple, just add some HTML code to your post.
how can i post a pic in my blog on there is a link for attachment of it most of the time shows "page cannot b displayed"....any other way?