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Just wondering - are you able to access blogspot blogs with your MTNL connection? I'm not able to, from home; nor is a friend from his office. I'm in Delhi, and funnily enough, a friend using the MTNL landline connection in Bombay isn't able to either.

Am able to access to post, though.

I'm getting a Request Timed Out when I ping any url. Sent a screen cap to the Delhi Helpdesk, and I'm told:

Dear Sir,

All the below mentioned site are accessible from MTNL, ISPs network.
Pl. check again at your end.

Not working for me too. Must be some server maintenance on blogspot's side.
no announcement at . And people with Sify and Airtel are able to access it. I've mailed helpdesk again...maybe they'll wake up if more people mail them. Please!
looks like DNS probsUse, Treewalk DNS (Freeware) or Simple DNS plus (shareware)If u r going 2 use treewalk u better search the forum, there was something posted for it before.
using powersurfer. blogspot isnt accessible. domain name resolution is ok. but it just doesnt connect. have they changed their ip? Prolly its a DNS propogation issue. The IP of blogspot that i am getting is What do u guys get? Remember to query and not

C:\>nslookup blogspot.comServer:  ns1.chrl.twtelecom.netAddress: answer:Name:    blogspot.comAddress:\>
i just called up the powersurfer CC. They told me that as per the directive of the Indian government, all blog sites including blogger / blogspot etc... Have been blocked. WTF? 🙁
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uThe IP of blogspot that i am getting is

same here.
I really dont understand why the government would block blog sites?People, please call up your respective ISPs and ask them why blogger has been blocked and why?!