Brother DCP-T520W All-in One Ink Tank Printer

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I am currently set on this:

There are a couple of issues though. No Duplex. No ADF (not required). And limited support for printing from Mac and iOS. Also no display.

I don't want to get HP this time around. Epson I can think about. Probably would still go for Brother. Just looking for suggestions on models to check out before I place the order.

Update: Ended up buying the 520!

Brother DCP-T520W All-in One Ink Tank Printer
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Do not go for Epson. I bought Epson inktank printer and it is not reliable at all. Printing is damn slow.
It broke twice, 1st time its mainboard and head went kaput and second time it failed again.

The issue with ink tank printers is the printing head.
wouldn't head be a problem on all ink tanks considering they are not replaced with cartridge? how does it one get it fixed/replaced/repaired? service center?
My parents have a Canon Inktank Printer. The printing head got dried up because of low usage. Cost them 2k to get replaced from a local shop. He said if you print less than 50 pages a month, it might happen again.
That is correct if low usage head becomes an issue. With Epson, they have to activate the new head with the software. So yeah!
Yep I print 2 pages of something every 5-7 days or so . Summer drying up is not much. In winters , you will need to print a lot more as the head jams up and throws all pale colours of everything or does not put a drop of ink on paper

So only consider it when you are going to print something regularly atleast in a interval of 1 week
When I took it to service because of jammed head , the guy was actually shocked because the printer had only done 5xx pages in 5 years

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so pinged brother on twitter as only a few models are available online. nehru place guy is also not responding well.

kind of amazed that they got their sales person to get in touch with me. he said 420 and 520 are in stock. 820 would take a while.

420 is cheaper than his price on Amazon/flipkart. 520 is not in stock anywhere.

420 and 520 both lack duplex. 820 has duplex AND ADF. but is pricey.

he recommended 520 because it has more physical buttons and a small display which helps. also said that 520 ink bottles are larger so i would get more prints out of the box.

420 also lacks airprint support. might come later as these models were launched just around 6 months ago. he said 520 has airprint. would have to confirm though first.

pricing of the three models as per him:

420 13400
520 14900
820 18500

300 delivery charges.

and of course, he also confirmed that i would have to try to take at least 2 prints in a week to keep the head clean. this is kind of a headache as my usage is pretty low. i am just sick of dealing with inkjets. i am pretty sure my HP 5275 is fucked up because of this reason.

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If you have a RPi , you can hook the printer to that via CUPS and do Network Printing. Cloud Printing is also possible on that
That easily makes a USB printer Network-wide
all three printers are wifi enabled. 220 is the base model that lacks wireless support so this is not an issue.

i do have a pi but it is not where i have to place this printer. plus i am not sure if connecting it to pi would make it work on Apple devices especially iPhones in the house. also of course, i am not even sure if these come with ethernet ports. they should though lol.