Browser Hijacked

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my IE homepage has been hijacked 🙁cant change ittemme wt 2 do 🙁also i cant acceess task manager 🙁
try spybot - Search & Destroy or Adaware or Hijackthis
HijackThis Log File Analysis
This is a completely automated tool where you can send the website a copy of your HijackThis log and it will provide analysis of your log file. Note this tool is not guaranteed to be 100% complete and may not know if every item in your list is spyware or not, but it's a start.[/b]
i delete that entry in hijack this then it works fine....wheni reboot prob is again there 🙁
^ you have to check your system for any malwarewith latest definitions for Antivirus SW and Spywareremoval tools ... which OS you are using ?
i m using win 2k and i use detects bt nt delete it ,,,AV is updatedvirus is js.psyme 🙁

if Antivirus , spybot & adaware donot remove it then you may have to remove it manually .find a mysterious process & look for its file .delete that manually & restart system . the file name can be similar to ptsnoop.exe