BSNL 75% Packet Loss

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It is just to notify that I'm observing a packet loss as high as 75% and a minimum of 30%.

It happened yesterday too post 7 pm, observed this today at around 3 pm.

The trouble is with final gateway router of BSNL which is responsible for either sending traffic to Airtel(for both intl. transit/local peering for e.g CF-DNS)
or to Google for google traffic..

I'm getting pings as high as 550 ms to that router which dips to 28ms and rises back to 478ms and so on

Ideally pings are 12-15ms to that router from my place (11ms in night)

As it seems like a pattern, I thought to post it here as status update for those who are experiencing the same.
How is the optical power ?
That looks very good. Looks like a problem on BSNL side. Someone else here would know more than me.
Lol they have two routers on same subnet
Routing happens this way: --> --> Airtel/Google/(TATA for US)
Altho latency for 2 one is not good (just double to 28 ms), ,this 3 ending one has horrible latency and pkt loss
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I face a similar thing with Tata Backbone and between BSNL . Which NOC does your connection go to ?

Its happening from a few days . I havent kept track , maybe one month. The Link between BSNL and Tata sees a 40% packet loss
have you tried to complain to BSNL with tracerts and all?

Does your traffic always takes TATA Backbone route?(for me it's for US traffic only most of the time)
I will tell you why I dont complain to BSNL

This happened just yesterday . I called my CSC local to put my ONT on Bridge mode. They could not do it due to some issue I can say . My connection went down from yesterday until today 11am .
So to get things back to normal ,(they could not put it back to PPPoE mode and ONT was giving problems)

They sent a technician who is putting my PPPoE password as "passwoed" and hitting connect , and telling the office its not connecting .

I am very happy my connection is up and running . I do not want to mess it and take 24 hour downtimes in current days.
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