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hi last month applied for changing plan from home 250 to home 500. as per detail i thought it will change 1st of this month and i started downloading in night unlimited.but my total download volume in usages shows all iam download but exluding night unlimited does not show. is total download volume is chargeable.whether i got changed my plan. pleas help me.
Usage portal:
check under "My Orders". for plan change.
Will show "Provisioned"

Total chargeable units less 1GB ( 1024 MB for Home 250) less 2.5GB ( 2048 MB for Home 500)
May be calculated on daily basis till change over date.

Check the usage page. If plan is changed NU 0200AM to 0800 AM
will be listed as 0. on different dates.
Your plan might not have changed. Go to, my orders, enter the phone no in the prescribed format and hit search, Check for effective date and order status as provisioned. Please update the details here.If your plan change has not been approved and you are still in Home 250, you need to pay for your usage.