Call recording app for Android

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is there any call recording app for android device? it should have good quality with no bugs while attending calls. free app will be good.
Not all Android can record calls, which handset?
There are different Call recorder app in Playstore, some work very well on one handset and fails badly on other.
I hardly use recording, however a good call recorder is integrated in Lewa OS,
its a nice Rom with many good features, but depends on how popular is your handset, and if it is, LEWA would be available for you.
In simple terms, if your phone comes preloaded with the call recording feature, you have nothing to worry about — it will continue to work as intended. This upcoming change will only apply to third-party apps on the Play Store that specifically use the Accessibility API to enable call recording. The Google Phone app, which offers built-in call recording, is exempt from the change.