Can't DataOne computer add?

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Why doesn't BSNL also give the total bandwidth usage for the month (up-to-the-day) on the top apart from the individual records? I get irritated by adding my daily usage in KB and dividing by 1024 to get my daily usage in MB and then adding it to the up-to-date cumulative MB. At present I copy / paste my daily records on to a MS-Word file (pastes as a table) and then add using the table formula. Each table can be attached to the earlier one by just deleting the line space in between them.May be this is also a ploy to cheat the customer who finds it difficult to add. Or am I missing a point here?
Yeah I added manually and somewhere i had put an extra zero in the middle of some number. Damn !! I reached 1040 MB by 24th itself. I was wasting time in my RELIANCE DIALUP till 31st. On aug 1st , i rechecked the total and it was just 920 MB. Tat xtra ZERO somewhere , cost me a lot !! I wasted 120 MB. Damn 😛
I too, am quite peeved with this format of presentation by bsnl. Why the heck are they presenting data in KB? I am not relying on the dataone site figures for now as I use DU meter but if large scale discrepancies turn up then I might have to go the manual way too.
I am really surprized how you people living day with this all sort of counting bytes then divididing by 1024, all disgusting.
skfg60, seems like you are the long lost brother/close relative of shakuntala devi. Pray, how else do we calculate the data usage presented on the dataone site?

How I make the computer add for me:1. Start MS-Word and then only2. Start Internet Explorer, login and go to the account details page3. Select the day's records right from the first column4. Copy the day's records into clipboard (ctrl+c)4. Paste into Word (on top) - ctrl+v - and you will paste a table automatically5. Delete the blank line and the tables get automatically merged6. First time insert the formula : Table, Formula, =SUM(ABOVE)/10247. Next time onwards just click on the total and do the same as step 6 and you don't need to enter the formula.Screen shot attached.All these crap can be avoided if only they give the total. But for the time being it helps me a lot to keep myself in control. Dial-up meter info shows a higher figure for me. So I go for the 'actuals'.
excel would be easier. it even can logon to that page download the latest version of the table and update the cells with the formulaes.
No. Copy , paste didnt work for me. Coz the format is something else. I even tried changing the format to number and tried many other formats. But excel didnt recognize it as a number field itself.