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Hi people, off to india 16th september. I have a guy coming to meet me to pick me up at the irport, but I'm just wondering where the best place is to get some t cheques/cash changed?? At the bank of india in the aiport?? I have heard that this will be a better deal than at the hotel?? What do you guys and gals all think??
ATM is the best deal for amount greater than 200 usdThere is an icici atm on the airport arrival at the right hand corner after yu r out through the barricades Wherever yu stay there will be banks around, some of which ( a lot actually) will encash TC's etc ....Never ever do it at the Hotels as it can be a huge rip off...( can is the buzzword)Now check out to get an idea so that yu know what yu r getting for just in case yu need to make a spot decision somewherecheers
a proper dinner in a decent hotel should not cost one more than 15 dollars 😛 i personally eat good indian food at around 50 cents. 😛