changing IPv6 DNS server in Jio Fiber router

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Navi Mumbai, Maharashtra
JIO Fiber
I was able to find and change the IPv4 DNS severs in the Jio Fiber router settings but not for IPv6. since the last update it has become very complicated and hidden to change WAN configs, but anyways I was able to find the IPv6 WAN configuration settings but when I pressed save to save the updated DNS servers it says the entered DNS servers are invalid, I wanted to change my IPv6 DNS servers to cloudlfare's IPv6 servers, kindly request you to help me with this issue, also I'm getting massive packet loss with Jio servers as high as 70-80%.
Thank you in advance.
you can't change ipv6 dns.
You were doing it wrong. You need to change the LAN side ipv6. Im using pihole using this way and all devices connected to the router will pick up the setting when you reconnect them. There is a bug in the router that changes dns from use below to dns proxy everytime you reboot so dont reboot the router. FYI you can change wan side as well but then landline wont work.

@JB701 It does but devices connected prefer ipv6 and hence only use the ipv4 dns address when the ipv6 is too slow or times out.