Come 2010 and we are still stuck at "256 Kbps" for broadband!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Dude, learn Dutch.

:tongue: can't do that else others won't understand will say there is Dutch ghost inside him take him to baba to remove ghost . atleast that's what had happened with other guy i met long ago
lol @mgcarley is right its not just the physical boundaries / population that matter what matters more is the ability to buy internet traffic for companies to provide us internet , like in india as he said if we can make inter-networks transfer go at full achievable line rate and maybe one day when NIXI stops charging through the nose then we will have better internet service.. but a little upgradation of lines and hardwares is always required... specially in india when the damn guys use sad servers which increase latency.... yea i agree with guys the isp's charge through the nose... but for many isp's like mtnl ... and specially the ones in bombay... parshwa wavenet...(nivyah dunno if its a scam ) and beam cable telecom provide decent rates for broadband services... like 1k inr for 1mbit is not too bad... considering no FUP's and beam cable is fantastic 1.5k for 4mbit ... w0w... so i guess it really comes down to the thing that ... companies want to make the most out of their equipment.... they think ....i remember the famous line "Let them eat cake " its like that.... like those guys think they are some kind of gods.... they want to monopolize people and crush good competition that's what it is... everyone is wanting to make money money and money... they dont want to spend a minute thinking " if i could only lower the rates for communication how it could help my country develop and still earn money"... that is what is needed right now in this country... the good hearts of people to think less about themselves and more about other people ....not become a sadhu baba but yea make acceptable percentage of profit... like take todays example... airtel could increase the FUP to say like 50~100GB for every plan and...and still keep the same price... they would never go in loss ? would they? i mean really like you can come with innovative ideas to improve service attract customers and make profit... it's called a MBA degree 😀