Configuring Nokia ONT for static IP for Airtel Fiber

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Airtel XStream
Hi Team I am using Airtel's Nokia router(without antennas), so I have been provided static ip by airtel along with few other details such as IP Mask, Gateway and I tried configuring my router.

So went into router page from and then logged in-> Network Tab -> WAN and then changed settings
Connection Type : IPoE(Changed from PPPoE that wasset from earlier)
IP mode : IPv4
Nat : Checked
Service : TR-069 and Internet - checked
Enable VLAN : Checked
IPv4 Address : static(provided by Airtel)
Netmask : IP mask(provided by Airtel)
Gateway : same as ip
Pri Dns : unchanged as before
Sec DNS : unchanged as before
Ter DNS : empty

And saved these setting, rebooted the router once and still internet is not working.

Navigated to Status-> WAN Status -> Wan Link Status is coming as "Up"

Something I am missing here that needs to be done?

Airtel technician came but they didn't had any idea how to configure so they sent me the ip details on whatsapp provided by Airtel, can anyone help as I am not expert in networking settings.

Thanks 🙂
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vlan id ?
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@Firephoenix is your internet working after static ip assignment? How did your Nokia unlock to change?
For my configuration, local technician is coming, I will get back to you how to do it in sometime.
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No @imdarkray internet is not working after configuring router to static ip, tried twice but no success, maybe somewhere or something I am doing wrong, at last went to factory default to get my DHCP connection working as earlier.
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Try to delete pppoe or existing profile of internet first and then create new one for static ip. Then reboot

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