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I am having trouble with there nu service. The following is the problem Whenever I connect to the internet through mtnls service. At first I get a normal Connection meaning I can access all the web site but after 3 to 4 minutes the connection Stops for some time and I am assigned a new ip address this continues. Eg: at first I had ( after 5 minutes or so it shows ( and again the connection starts working normal (during this process the all four light are on). The problem started from last night. now I am about to call them but before that I wanted to know if in any way it is my computer or is it them.Thanks 😱
Check your telephone lines, splits and connections...
hmmm...sometimes this happens to me a precaution, scan your computer for viruses or dialler programs. If one of these proggys is on your comp, you could end up with a phone call to west indies or somewhere else and international charges apply! So watch out!
Sorry for not replaying. Well the connection started working just 2 day after the problem had started. The main cause could be electricity :angry: (because there was a problem in the fuse and mseb had to change the fuse after which the connection started) . I scan my computer with 2 anti virus and 3 spy ware program so I think it could not have been them but any way you can’t tell no matter how secure your pc is you are still porn to attacks.Now it is working fine. Just like before Thanks for your replays 🙂
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... porn to attacks ....[/b]

Man you watch waaay to much pr0n 😉

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Man you watch waaay to much pr0n 😉
Well Not really :lol: , it is the spelling that I don’t watch wile I am writing 😛
Yep it could've been a power issue. I once had slightly fluctuating voltage on mains supply. It lead to the router rebooting every now and then (since it was connected directly to the mains). The problem was solved when I connected the adpter to the UPS outlet instead.