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Currently I'm using Excitel 75MBPS Plan, I have a copper line here.
LCO is pretty good. I use the router Archer C6.

What I'm wondering is that everything works good with my copper wire connection, what are some benefits i can get if i upgrade to Fiber? Fiber is available in my area. Should I upgrade or not?
cheaper plans for one. improved connectivity as well. upgrade if you can get the basic dumb onu. avoid the wifi ones.
Currently I'm paying ₹2259 for 3 months. So how much cheaper are you talking about?
And yeah, i'll surely go with ONU(no WiFi) ₹750 device.
i have archer c6 it will work fine? with the connection? and will they remove the old wire from my house? and rewire everything?
No need for poe devices assuming your lco is relying on customers to power switches on the network.

Man it means I'm paying extra and not receiving all the benefits lmao.
And its a little off-topic, but are you the founder of this forum? You help every other guy! That's how i guessed