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seems sify problems are endless. How do you guys play counter strike using sify. with my last isp i could play it fine, using the router and all. with sify, it's not recognizing an internet connection.
I found the solution. Sify had blocked port 27015. They had to open it for me in order to play counter strike.
Well I play it at home ofcourse. Otherwise, I'm not quite getting your question. Now I'm going to get a 96kbps connection, unlimited in time and data transfer. I could get the 128kbps, just don't have the extra few hundred bucks. and for once, it's not by sify 😀.
Do you mean to say the 96 kbps account which you are purchasing is not from Sify? If it is you know they have a 6 hour limit on it
and where do u play it?[/b]

I think he wanted to ask whether you play it at some public game server like fragshack or kawabonka or whether you play it private among your friends.

I too wonder what's the state of pings to these two game servers currently.

Yes 96 kbps not from sify. From another provider that I can highly recommend and that gives you the speed they mention. Actually, I play at US servers since I'm from the USA and also I play at singaporian servers too. like xsgaming. I never play at Indian servers. 🙂
I always get high pings to non-indian servers playing certain online games that aren't popular enough to have an Indian server 🙁.
On non indian servers, but asian servers, i get pings like 600-700. if i'm lucky, i get 500.