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Coway Professional Air Purifier for Home, Fight Winter Smog & Pollution with True HEPA Filter (AirMega 150 (AP-1019C))

Brother got this model this week so I have some experience with it now. This one seems to have three separate filter. I only checked the pre-filter which can be taken out without opening the machine from the top. It is similar to filters on ACs that you can clean out regularly with water and put back. No replacements required. Other two filters seems to be installed inside the machine and require replacement.

It does not have any display to show air quality. There is a small led that changes color based on pollution levels. For some reason, blue is better than green. There are two speed settings along with auto and sleep mode. It takes air from front and pushes it out at the top. So it can be placed besides wall without any issues.

It is currently placed in the same room as one of the Mi model. And for some reason, it keeps on switching between yellow and green indicators which speeds up the fan. Meanwhile Mi would remain on green with the app showing values under 50. Hard to say if Coway sensor is more sensitive or better or Mi’s one has completely given up.


Coway AirMega 200
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Which Mi model?
Mi2 I think. The first model they launched in India I think. No display just led with app support.
Having used this for a couple of weeks, I do believe that air purifiers should definitely have a pre-filter. Mi ones do not have that.

I have already cleaned the pre-filter on this model 3 times since it arrived. It gets dusty like the filter on ACs pretty soon in local conditions.

Definitely saves the primary filters with stuff that they should not be dealing with in the first place.

With Mi, surely you can give it a cleaning regularly using a vacuum or blower every couple of weeks. but a washable pre-filter is just easy.
coway filter is rated for a year. this is six month old filter.


though i imagine a brand new filter would probably get pretty black after a few days of usage. pretty hard to guesstimate when it's time to replace the old filter.

This model also has a Urethane Carbon Filter which also has a year long life. this one seems to clean off nicely with a vacuum cleaner.


coway seems to have increased prices of their filters significantly this week. if this is not a fake hike for the upcoming Amazon sale, i would probably throw away the purifier once my current stock is consumed.

the purifier itself is priced at 20K+ right now though it usually sells for 11-12K. idiocy.
So, the filters are back in stock for a few days though they still haven't shipped mine. i pinged them last week and they said that they are being processed through customs and they expect to get them soon. hasn't happened still. anyways... there is a discount on the hepa+carbon combo through a coupon. ping me if anyone is ordering. pinging @anmolbhard004 coz i think he bought this model so he might be interested.