DASAN h660gm-a bridge mode

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I had solved this problem a year ago but can't recreate, unfortunately. I want my D-Link router to be my router and my Dasan H660EW to just bridge the internet connection.

I have WAN on Dasan set to bridge mode with same VID as when Dasan was set to PPPoE. I deleted old PPPoE WAN connection so only the bridge mode exists on Dasan now.
Name Mode VID Status IP Address NetMask DHCPv6 PD Gateway Default
WAN0 Bridge Mode 1011 Connected N/A N/A N/A

I have ethernet cable running from LAN1 on Dasan to Internet ethernet port on DLink and DLink set to PPPoE with same username and password that works on Dasan and same VID.

What am I missing here?