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Hello friends,

When i try to access or, i get directed to the Sancharnet site. I have no way of accessing!!! to check my records. There was an earlier thread that reported this, but there seems to be no recent followup. Please help.
Hey buddy just go to and see your usage details !
thanks buddy, it worked. It said my browser was not cookie enabled. but i knew it was, so i tried the link again, and this time it worked. thanks.
checking mails when gets redirected to


enter your [email protected] in the username box(ignore outside the box)
enter your dataone email password

You will be logging into your dataone email box

I posted this info because it is several times this week this redirection is occuring and may be useful for those who use dataone as their primary email
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Hi,Can anyone tell me how can i know what are my email ids at dataone.inI had mentioned those ids in my BSNL application form....but it was long long how can i know what are my idsPlease helpThanxSandy
Call them up, they will tell you. Also, its generally your username which you use to sign on

[email protected]

Best of luck!

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Well...Thanks a lot gus...i was able to open my account at for the first time..even after using the connection for more than 5 months now...whoo...can anyone now tell...any special features of this account..for what all things can i use if besides mailing..Thanx again.Sandy