Watz Dataone.in..?

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HI Frndz,i saw a post on this forum where someone mentioned abt dataone.in...could anyone tell me wat is this...well when i opened the site..it asked my ID and password... wat to enter there?wat is the use of this site..?and how can i access it..?Do tell me guys..Sandy
That site is basically used for checking the records and mail (if u still use 5 Mb web mail space ). Enter your username and password used for the connection. Then you can clcik on service records and check your usage.
this post clearly demonstrates the pathetic way `bsnl' is working. users of `bsnl' even do not know about their email id.. heh 🙄 pupudada
hey frndz,now can u people tell me how can i know watz my id...or can i create one..(i didnt find any link to make a new id although)moreover is this just a simple email account with nothing new...or it is somehting related to our internet account...i mean i can check my sevice records at their portal..is there something important in that site..?Sandy
your email id is one of the multiple login names you submitted to `bsnl' while filling up the form.. like if you had given bluegene, your email id would be `[email protected]'

it is related to your internet account in the respect, that if you leave the account, you lose your mailbox and id as well.

all mails from `bsnl' will be sent to over there itself.. first find out your user id.. the same that you are using to log into the net. use the following url to check your mails via your browser.. fillup your username and password in there to check your mails. do not forget to logout of the session (the logout button is at the top right of the page you will be going to).. cheers.. pupudada