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I am using BSNL DataOne (Business 700 plan) , and I want to share the connection among to PCsI am using SmartAx MT841 modem , and USB to connect Internet .Operating System is Windows XP Professional,I have a onboard LAN card
if ur using the USB, u can use a proxy application to share ur net connection though it is not the most efficient way... use ethernet based connectivity adn get a switch to share the net between multiple computers. some other person should be able to explain. we have 2 lines of airtel which is shared between 5 computers. using a switch...
I have also winxp on my main PC & there are more six systems sharing the connection. I have connected the router to the USB port of main PC, from main PC NIC to hub & all the other systems are connected to the hub. The main PC has given IP address as & the others given the same order as, .......... is no dhcp, all follower pcs have given the gateway as & dns as sharing is running all right.BTW, I'm using PPPoE to connect.
Hi i have same problem with sharing the BSNL DATA ONE connection. I tried to connect router to pc using usb, then i connect lancard to hub and other systems to hub. I give ip to my main pc's lancard and other system's ip to and gateway is same as dns. but this is not working. i config to ppoe. guid me pls.
Since you have HUB with you. You don't need to use the USB Cable.- > Configure the Modem in PPPoE mode - Enter the user name and password in the modem. -> Enable DHCP In the modem-> Connect the ethernet from the modem into the HUB/Switch-> Connect all other computers also to the HUB/Switch Since DHCP is enabled all the computers will get 192.168.x.x ip address automatically from the modem. Else you can also configure manual ip with the defautl gateway as the ip address of the modem.
ok I got it from other way..I connect modem in PPPoE trough USBto pc.then nic ethernet to hub and other system to hub. then i enter main pc's ip as gateway to other system. dns from modem configuration after connecting it.not it is working thanks.

It is working sir,but had one diffrent problem that is when other people copies some huge file to other system then internet goes down. I uses hub. shoud i use swithc.
yes you could use a switch to improve the switches are more intelligent...But make sure you get a good switch... i have seen people buying switches for 600-700rs they are useless,they are just like hubs.. make sure you get a little costlier one.. the costlier the switch the more intelligent it is!! cheers..
I have a Dataone Brodband Business 700 plan at BILASPUR (C.G.) and a ADSL Modem (SMARTEX 841) connected to my PC's LAN card. Now I would like to share this Internet Connection among my other Client. I have installed two lan Card in my PC one is for BSNL Broadband and another is for LAN but at a time I am able to use only one. My all PC's are running on a ERP environment and connected through a Switch and then router to our other Plant located at Goa and Paradeep. How I can share the Broad Band connection among all clients at BILASPUR.