Dataone Smartax Mt841 Password Problem Plz Help

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hi everyone
i have got dataone broadband connection with Huawei smartax mt841 modem.
a couple of days ago i changed my password by going in the dataone account administration link at the dataone website. since then i have been unable to connect. the link light blinks all the time and does not glow steadily.what should i do? i tried this link but i do not know much about that. plz help.
Well i dont think that will help you much.You changed your dataone account password and is the web link to the modem/router settings menu.You might have changed your password in dataone admin , but i think you did not change it in the modem settings.So though your BSNL is now configured to provide ur account access on the new password,your modem still is communicating with the server on the old password.Thats the best explanation for your connectivity issues.You have now 2 choices:1) Get the modem manual and follow the instructions to change password in Get a BSNL guy to do it for you. Your choice Jumpsuit!!PS: I could have gives you better guidelines but i myself run behind a router.I have no idea how your modem runs on settings of your modem is quite crucial.Do not take "pangas" with it if you are gettin confused.Get an expert to do it for you instead.