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what the hell is happening this month.Why isnt our usage getting credited, is it a temporary flaw with their account summary updater , which will later suddenly rise to a massive number or are the mbs of the last few days just not being counted.Im dumbfounded.If its a flaw i would love to use it to the max but in case they credit it then this month bill will go berserk.Any idea whats happening.
I don't know why your usage isn't getting credited. Mine is going fine. maybe because my connection was activated on 3rd november. Uptil now, each and every byte that i have downloaded has been credited.
dude it seems nowadays mtnl's server is down .....and we know wot that means...if u don;t...then sry for ya. but as far as know this thing was on a few days ago and presently its all back to normal.
Man, I'm freaked out too now. I've been voice chatting for like hours together, and none of it has been credited!

Yesterday, i was voice chatting for about 2-3 hours at a stretch from 6-9pm. And there isn't even a session for that period! But not all of my sessions are not being ignored. Some of the sessions have been recorded. Yesterday night, I downloaded about 700 MB of data, which is nowhere to be seen in the sessions or NightMB column. What is going on?
Yes something is wrong.My total usage is showing at least a difference of 10 GB.Dont know how much people on NU might have benefitted from this
EDIT: Is there something that I can do to apologise to the members 😉?

is this question somewhat related to cracking or hacking mtnl servers? if yes, i should ban you for asking such unethical questions here on this forum... 😕
good point. but why punish a guy who is lured into answering a question which would result in a ban... 😛
QUOTE(gadgetcrazy @ Nov 21 2006, 09:53 PM) [snapback]69316[/snapback]
I think providing answers rather than asking such questions should invite a ban
no...both - the person who asks and the person who answers are equally responsible.
You guys are overblowing that question. I was just asking about that for purely educational purpose. And a bit of ethical hacking shouldn't harm anybody. But, anyways, I'll make sure I use the PM next time.