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Arun Kumar

Since AirTel's Broadband website does not have any details of the new plans, I need your help from AirTel users please ! I am planning to take the 699 plan which comes with 128 kbps speed and unlimited data transfer. I won't be using the connection much during daytime as I would be in office and so its mainly for night usage. I would like to know whether it is possible to have 256 kbps on the same plan during night by paying an additional Rs.50 per month ? Or would it be better to take the night plan at Rs.499 and then pay Rs.50 for unlimited data transfer during night ? For the night plan, will I be able to use the connection during daytime at extra cost ? If yes, is it calculated on time basis or data transfer basis ?Even though I am not interested in getting a phone connection, I just wanted to know whether the plan comes with an AirTel landline connection too ? Will I save anything if I opt not to go for the phone connection ? Or is it completely free ?Hope to see to your replies soon. Thanks in advance !
here is your right plan.Speed PlusMonthly Charges 349 /-Bandwidth 256 KBpsFree Usage / month 10 / 25 (Hrs.)Modem Rental 99/-Additional DSL usage charges 30 / 15If pay 99 /- Rs. more Night is Unlimited time + GB ( 9.00 p.m. – 8.00 a.m.)I am also use this plan unlimited download (my approx 13 – 15 GB / month and Speed is 58 - 63 KBPS))Ask installation charges for CC (I will give 1000 /- Rs.)Only first month bill is 1500 /- otherwise bill is constantly 545 /-Call CC - 42112345 (Chennai)
Thanks for the reply. Yeah, the Speed 500 Plan does suit me, but I found another plan in their website which seems to be better.

Speed 500 Plus - UN
Rental: Rs.500 + Rs.49
256 kbps
1 GB transfer/month - 8 AM to 9 PM
unlimited transfer/month - 9 PM to 8 AM
Modem Rental: Rs.99
Additional DSL usage charges: Rs. 1.20 per MB

Since a data based plan is better during the day time, this plan seems to be the best, even though its Rs.100 higher than the normal Speed 500 plan which you quoted.

They said that only Registration charge is there now, at Rs.500 which is non-refundable.

But I'm still unaware whether there will be anything extra that I need to bear if I opt for the land phone connection also. Anyone know about it ?
hello arun 1 GB / month is not Sufficient because only 3 - 4 hours surfing is downloaded
approx 400 - 500 MB this you have only 2 days free surfing (what is your downloading man)
think about it. (1 GB nothing)

see my daily use -

think about it this is only Opinion (your Decision is first )
yes arun this is also good plan for you.sorry for my previous reply i can't see this line in your reply unlimited transfer/month - 9 PM to 8 AM
Yeah, I would most probably use during night only, so that should be more suitable. Also, I don't have to pay Rs.49 for the first 3 months.