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I have always praised mtnl for the fact that it has virtually zero downtime and have never complained about it.However for the past week i have more than one reason to complain.I dont know if its just me but i get disconnected a lot especially during the nighttime.I am aware of the mtnl reboots these guys keep doing but its started happing 4-5 times in the night. I monitered my net yesterday from around 330 am to 5 am.It disconnected 3 times in this period and i had to manually reconnect each time.Im using bridge mode for quite some time, and such a thing rarely happens.Does anyone have any suggestions as to what might be happening and how i can correct it.My router is the ut300r2(has this got anything to do with it) and is anyone else facing these problems.
Check ur telephone line for disturbances. I had this problem of disconnection sometime back on Triband.I checked the telephone line (which i rarely use) and heard some disturbance, complained to MTNL and within 1 day the line was cleared and disconnection problem of Triband stopped... 🙂
hmmm.. i did check for disturbances, there doesnt appear to be any.I dont quite understand this, it happens more regularly only during the night. 2-4 am is just wild.I checked with other mtnl mates in delhi who say nothing like this is happening with them, so its definately a localised problem either with my connection or my router.Is there anyone who can suggest something to correct this.
If its a problem with the router why would router disconnect only in the night time (only between 2-4am)???Anyways u can call up 1504 and tell them ur problem and get the number of ur local telephone exchange and try to contact them...Maybe other members can guide u more....
Cut the crap eak simple solution dou kya??At night time use router in PPPoE mode ..Thats it....If connection is disconnected then it will be auto connected by router itself.In bridge mode i use software that checks ras connection.@ derek [BeloW] :- lols
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It disconnected 3 times in this period and i had to manually reconnect each time.

I plan to configuer my router to Bridge mode...but i realise now that if it dissconnects at nite i will have to manually reconnect (thats if i am awake at that time!)
Are there any tools that reconnect ...provided its b4 8:00am

try any software that checks ras connection and auto reconnect.....I no longer use it as i changed the mtnl Wire ,Now it's continouse .My old wire had 3-4 joints so i use to have disconnection problem.
I have the same frequent disconnection problem since one week...only this happens in the day as well as night! I called up 1504 and they said that some work is gong on at their server so at weekends there will be disconnections, but this happens n the weekdays too! Any ideas? Btw this is for mumbai.
i dont have very frequent disconnection but sometimes it keeps connecting-disconnecting repeatdly. but once it stabilizes it doesnt disconnect.mostly i have noticed this when some1 is talking on phone that too loudly. phone is in parallel line w/o splitter. so may be u can check that and ask ppl to talk softly just incase that is the case!
When I connect, there is nobody on the phone! And I am using PPPoE mode. but still so many disconnections!