Disconnections In Beetel 220bx

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Modem : 220BXConnection : 128kbps unlimitedOS : WinXP corp with SP2Interference: USB(currently)Security : Zonelabs Antivirus + Antispyware + Firewallthe connec gets interupted @ random times.no time specification or anything ... when this happens the ping to gets timed out...if i go to network connections --- > disable the n/w & enable it again --- > it gets fixed for sometime..& again the same thing happens after a few time.Called up CC.. they asked me to install patch from beetelmodems.com , which i did he said he has taken some shots of my motem (remotely) & process it & get back to me...but i am running out of patience...The thing is this did not happn when i was on ETHERNET conn with the same modem...
it cud be a temporary problem
USB will always have stablity problems. You are trying to connect through USB instead of Ethernet so i am assuming that you want to connect 2 devices simultaneously to the Beteel 220BX. Here's what u can try1-> Check the USB port by connecting some other device.2-> Use the other USB port on ur computer to connect.3-> Reinstall the modem drivers.If ur only using 1 computer then i will advise u to connect through the Ethernet port B)