Dlink 624+ router

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it would make more sense getting a DSL Wifi router. Two routers will just crowd up and make more heat! Not to mention more they will require more power sockets and draw more power! 😕
how much did it cost you? Thoufique, finished your exams already?
cool! So you must be all prepared ? 😛Anyway, I think it costs about 4500...

Good news.. I device is awesome. I called it deveice coz it has:- Adsl 2+ modem- 4 port router- Wifi Access Point- n no# of add on features like - QOS, DDNS, POrt forwaring , Firewall etc.Configuration was very simple.Drawback:May be my seeting is wrong but, 'Connect on Demand: Max' not working.Otherwise an excellent invest ment of 5500 in Kolkata.
thoufique, I generally dont use Windows. I only use it for compatibility reasons or .NET programming (I am planning to learn 😛)
hey, my LAN is on WiFi as well, i have a few questions1. Do you have a cordless phone? Does it interfere with your WiFi setup?2. Do you use more then one PC/Laptop? If you do, then what speed do you get betweenPCs on WiFi LAN? 3. I get just 2 - 3 mbps if I there are three brick walls between router and laptop, what speed do you get?
Hmm...I get about 40-50Mbps with a good signal. But when I have walls in between, the speed can drop to as low as 5.5Mbps 😕