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Airtel has assigned 2 dns here in gk area ! delhi !but one doesnt replys...requested timed out ! but the other i.e is fine !! its more than a month now ! the prblem is persisting !hmm...y ?
dude. each and every one of the airtel user (except for us few) is accessing those IPs. just stop using them and use the third party ones. and stay cool. they won't harm your browsing experience a bit.i stopped using airtel IPs around 1.5 years back. never got back to them.
yes, most ISPs do a shoddy job providing DNS services. So, we're left at the mercy of Open DNS or the likes. They do quite a decent job but they take a bit to respond as they're geographically away from us.

opendns are fast and how much difference wud that make? few hundred milisecond and that too only on first click. and u can utilise that time in blinking ur eye and nourishing it.