Does Airtel provide a trial connection?

I’m thinking of switching over to Airtel Xstream fiber from ACT and was wondering if they provide a trial connection? Also, how much do they charge for installation and is it true that unlimited data is capped at 3TB?
1. Haven’t heard of trial connections, but maybe ask customer care?
2. Installation used to be ₹1000, but it’d be waived off if one pays for 3 months or longer in advance.
3. Yes, “unlimited” is capped at 3.3TB.
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No. Out of the question. Pay upfront for 3 months and get free installation. That would be your paid trial. If you don't like it, yiu can cancel after 3 months. Otherwise you will have to pay around 1000 for installation and pay for the first month.
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Thanks for the info everyone, I contacted Airtel and they told me to just get the connection and disconnect whenever I want. Btw, what is the average ping like with Airtel to their servers?, with ACT I get 0 - 1 ms.
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