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I am a looking to buy a smartphone either of these-Galaxy S Advance,Galaxy S2 or Galaxy S3.Now I have compared the price on various online shopping site.Surprisingly price in ebay.in is very less,atleast Rs 4000-6000 less from the actual price!I found that bit strange,Ebay sellers are claiming that they will provide completely sealed,unpacked device with warranty card with such a low price from the market! How can they do that?is there any manufacturing defect on the device?I want to make 100% sure before go for it.
Anyone bought any phone or any gadget from ebay?how was the quality and buying experience?Experts,please share your advice and views and please guide me.
Check if he is providing seller warranty or manufacturer warranty. AFAIK if the price is a lot less than the normal market price then those phones are imported ones and don't carry any company warranty.
Dafaq? You didn-t list any price or link. How come we can help you ?Price of Galaxy at launch was 32,799 so 4000-6000 is not a big deal at all ! Give us link or price first!Anyway FYI Galaxy S2 price should have to be in Rs.22000-25000 range. And Galaxy S advance in 14000-16000