Excitel Broadband User Experience in Gurgaon

Same thing happened to me on 26th. They sent this ticket on 9:41 AM & the connection kept dropping for 4-5 hours. Router kept rebooting around once an hour and sometimes PON went down & sometimes just internet went out. That's why I asked on other thread how to know whether it's EPON or GPON. It felt like they changed me to GPON. As you've recieved the same ticket today and same things happened to you... I guess it's just a maintenance overall. (Support told me it was a technical issue).
Maybe, but there's no way for me to know about it. My old router used to show it but after the replacement this year the new one doesn't. I tried asking their chat support but they were clueless. I will try to drop them a mail and see what happens. The YouTube buffering issue has also been fixed now.
Yes, First I had GX one which got replaced with OPPC one which used to show it. This year the OPPC one was again replaced with GX & it also doesn't show it. GX is trash in terms of this.

Going with subject here: Useless at night, well I am collecting latency data towards a dozen endpoints in India from Excitel connection. This is done by probing latency every 30 seconds from over a week now.

Overall latency data for last 7 days towards Indian end points:

To be more clear on timeline, here is last 48hrs which shows time more clearly:

The impact is visible on the traffic going via their transit (TCL). Here's a graph for latency to Fastly in Delhi ( over peering for last 7 days and it looks clean:

Compare this with latency to Airtel speedtest in Mumbai going via TCL (non-peering traffic):

And for someone wondering if it's OK or not for ISPs to show this sort of latency - well here's exact same latency check to exact same endpoints from my primary connection (again a retail ISP):


So ultimate lesson remains - just keep your expectation low from your connection for now.