Excitel Fiber IP location showing somewhere in Kansas.

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New Delhi
Vodafone & Excitel
Please note that I am not using any VPN service and I have been noticing this from today 1-2 PM that my public IP has changed when I tried to see the location of IP it was in USA.

I noticed the difference because in all my devices Google was set in US. What do you think is the reason? I am not experienced in DNS/proxies etc so unaware of the reason.
What's your public ip range? Like 103.211.12.x?

They must have started announcing these IPs recently, it'll change to India after a few days.

Looking at ripe stats

it looks like and are showing Cogent US for now, it'll change after a few days.

Someone else here also had this issue 2 months ago

But those IP Block geolocation have changed to India now.
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I have the same problem but with my DNS. It's in the range. Shows up as US and is messing up services which use location proxies.

@JB701 It's the same server as that two month old post. You mention that the IP block geolocation has changed to India now, but I still see it as US. Any idea how long it takes to update this stuff? is interesting cuz its ISP and Organization has changed to Excitel but geo location is still showing U.S

Not sure when it'll update though.
Ah alright.
I guess I'll just have to wait and see.

Tried getting through to someone in customer care but they are as clueless as ever lol
These companies even giants like jio don't pay enough to hire people with technical knowledge in customer support nor they want to spend money in training the ones they hire.

So they can just forward the request if your internet stops working.