Excitel Fiber vs Airtel copper in Faridabad, Haryana

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I am currently using Airtel (40mbps) unlimited plan but the upload speed is just 8mbps (not enough to build ratio on Private Trackers), Airtel says they will have fiber by the end of the year but Excitel installed fiber cable in my area today.
My question is, how reliable is excitel fiber in FBD? Airtel is rock solid but the speeds are low, so should i switch to excitel?
You won't be building ratio on Excitel either (even lower than Airtel), no public IP. Reliability varies with LCO for Excitel.
excitel's services differ from place to place. as Jb700 said, it depends upon your lco and how good he is in maintaining the network.
on its own, excitel's network is pretty good.
if your lco is super bad then even fiber wont save you. you will still have issues.
i would say, give it a try for a month and see how it works for you. if you are satisfied then get airtel disconnected and switch to excitel completely.

and you wont be able to build ratios on private trackers with indian isps. most of them have double nat and people on private trackers have dedicated private seeding servers and gigabit seedboxes .

Excitel Fiber is quite reliable in comparison to old network and all the fiber being laid is according to standards laid by excitel as most of equipment is provided by them. So definitely give it a try
@TheCircle Keep both connections for sometime and decide. Airtel do has some advantages over Excitel, depends for what purpose u use internet for. I have seen 0 upload speed on many torrents due to their nat. Its better keep both connections for few months and than decide.