Excitel Reeltime plans have disappeared from their website

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Not just Internet.
New Delhi
Airtel Fiber
Jio Fiber Backup Plan
only fiber plan showing on main website.
Recharge portal still shows all the plans.
Will Jio force them to provide fiber to home? That would be awesome.
There is no magic switch... It's not like they are not interested in expanding or upgrading...

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If u see fiber map, number of areas they are covering have increased. I guess many lcos don't want to upgrade to excitel fiber coz either they have their own fiber infrastructure or they don't want to invest in fiber due to initial high cost. For users Excitel Fiber is big upgrade but for lcos its not as it is not increasing revenues, only benefit is stable network and low maintenance cost in long term. Jio and Airtel will change this mindset for sure otherwise u can't survive now. Its the reason my lco took excitel fiber although he was unwilling for the same since start.
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Recently had experiencing using excitel Fiber in deep inside lanes of shahdara delhi 😁
My LCO says that he can give me a Fiber connection but Excitel Support says it's not yet available in my area.This integration will stay for an year more I guess. 😜
There is a new much more professionally installed a thick fiber line near my home. Not Excitel for sure, men who installed it were wearing hard hats and stuff. It is clamped on to the pole unlike other fibers which are left hanging. Wonder if its Jio? Are they in less organized areas? Idk

Sorry if it isn't appropriate here. Its not too important for me to create a new thread.

they have also removed any mentions of 750rs onu device. everywhere they are recommending 2k rs wifi onu. this sucks big time for me. if it is gonna be like this then even if i get ftth option tomorrow, im not gonna upgrade till i get the 750 rs onu options >.<

and they are still mentioning that there are no installation charges but people are paying anywhere between 1000-2000 rs just for the fiber wire. i know this is coming from lco's side but shouldn't excitel mention something like ''installation charges will vary and will be decided by your local partner'' or something like that. isn't this false advertising?