Finding out your SAM address and info

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I'm not sure what SAM actually is and what it does. I remember asking this a long time ago, but the topic is gone. So what is it, and how do you find it out. What's the advantage of knowing it and how can it be used 🙂?
just type this in ur browser
and the site that opens is ur sam
well ur cto connects u to a server at sify'sthis server is the sam serverthis server authenticates ur login requeststhis server maintains ur account usage logsand when ever ur net is connected but not working and u can also ping ur default gateway it means the problem is not at ur cto's endtry to open ur sam page if it doesnt opens then it means problem is with sifythats the benefit of knowing ur sam server addressnow sam server address can also changejust type that address i gave above agin to know the new addressbut the address doesn't changes unless there's some major upgradation
Oh thanks a lot for that info. Yeah I believe the problem is usually with sify, not at my computer. It's configured just perfect for a broadband connection.