FlipKart Listing Multiple Sellers for their products

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Change of business model? That could turn many good things about flipkart into bad. eg. reliability, delivery time, replacement guarantee etc.
of course this seems change of plan, reasons
1).they never disclosed if they stock or asked their provider to ship directly in their name.
2). they have faced tough competition after ebay started aggressive discount coupons
3). they must have lost sales with minimum order for free shipping increased to 500
4). they realized India is Not USA or U.K. where principles and theories work in real world conditions.
SO its first step to becoming a ebay kinda mega store where you have multiple seller for every damn thing.....

If you mean WS Retails as the provider, then WS Retails is actually another name for FlipKart. They use that name for trading. FlipKart is the name of the shop while WS Retails for their warehouse facility. All the goods shipped are sent from the warehouse under that name.
experience said:
Please no flipkart. We don't want another ebay.
What if they are trying to be the next Amazon? 😛