Free Downloading-a Fake Plan


I am awailing the dataone since 6mths with the starter plan of Rs 250. Last month I have switched my plan to Rs 500 . BSNL in their various advertisements publicize that there is free downloading from 2AM-8AM. ; I am using this free downloading but the problem is that when I check my data usuage the free downloading advertisements all look fake. My data usuage is running very high, all the MB used in the downloading is added to my 1GB limit of Rs 500 plan . Is there any software problem from bsnl or something else, the bsnl authorities failed to answer. prabhat
No , it cant be fake !
The Total usage shown at the portal is
NOT considered for billing . They use a
different system to calculate the usages .

check the rightmost column in your usage details .
you should see a 0 for the usage between 2 - 8 A.M.

This usage between 2 - 8 A.M. is not added in to the Bill .
if it is added , then you can approach the telephone adaalat /
consumer forum ...

This is applicable only for the home 500 plan