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Free download between 02:00 Hrs to 08:00 hrs for Dataone Home Plan 250 also upto 30-11-2005As a promotional measure BSNL, Chennai Telephones is happy to announce that customers who own BSNL's Dataone Broadband Home Plan 250 connection would also get free download (as available for other Dataone Home Plans) between 02:00 Hrs to 08:00 hrs upto 30-11-2005 for the usage done during Nov 2005 only. In other words the download taken place between 02:00 Hrs to 08:00 Hrs during Nov 2005 will not be counted for billing.JUST FOR 5 DAYS ?! How will people know?
Is it available in other cities?
hahah, scams going on left, right and center
confusion is one of the best way of earning money and ripping off people 😉
How are the people supposed to know? They have not released it on their website. Anyway I am a Home 500 user, and posses NU 24X7
Originally posted by perumal@Nov 26 2005, 06:26 PM
. . . . . . .

Hope you are D/Ling like there's no tomorrow 😛
Originally posted by Raptor@Nov 26 2005, 06:26 PM
:lol: Hey Vince, when will ya stop making fun of Phatak? 🙂

No, i wasnt making fun of him here, i ..er.. borrowed his phrase - Schame... which refers to a new 'scheme' which is actually a cheap scam. (and i integrated shame into it as well)

C'mon, telling you that your night d/ls wont be counted..at the end of the month ... sounds like a scam alright...
Could have been better had they announced at the start of the monthActually they have posted in the website on 11th NOV but no official word.( when I Spotted that they changed to 26th)Users play safe.. use between 2:30 to 7:30