Frequent Disconnection Of My Mtnl Triband (not In Nu Plan) And Driver Update

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MTNL Triband
I have a problem of frequent disconnection of my mtnl triband Broadband service. My phone line is in a perfectly good condition and no parallel conection after the splitter. Sometimes the connection stays for a long time but sometimes there is a fequent disconection. Its connected on Ethernet. i have heard that airtel users are given a software which helps them solve this probem. is there any similar program that i can use. Also i know that the core driver used in the UT-300R2U is a software called BusyBox v1.0 but now v1.1.6 is also released. How can i update this software in my Router. Please Help me out.
come on isnt there anybody who can help me with this problem
no parallel conection after the splitter[/b]
i think parallel connections shuld be made after the splitter.
the main line shuld go directly into the splitter without any parallel connections pros replying here? What you can try is log in to your router administration page and look for "Line Attenuation Rate" and "SNR margin". (I've no idea how your router's admin pages look like, just search for these).

Then search this very forum. I'm sure there was an old post here explaining these terms and their acceptable levels with Triband service. You might also read a short explanation here
Once you are sure that the line quality is good enough (and not just by your auditory tests) then you can start looking into other issues.