Frequent disconnection

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Reliance Metro Ethernet
Registered complaints in December, to no avail. Customer Care blamed my router and LAN card (I found this out in March when I enquired about the status of my December complaints). Got a new router, still same issue. I have this issue ever since I got this connection on 07/08/2012.
Customer Care is no help, the local team doesn't bother after checking it once... will just say "it's fixed," no idea whom to contact next.

First ping is the gateway, second is to Google India. I get these disconnections very often. Say, 15-20+ times a day, sometimes 30+.

A local engineer gave me more IPs to ping to. They too, got disconnected as usual.

Sometimes, the gateway I'm connected to will work, but all others will go down, including my connectivity.

And at times, the disconnection will be for a small duration, but is a menace nonetheless. Anyone know what's up here?
Also, I saw a Reliance equipment hung to a wall in our had no lock, just a rusted slider, anyone can open it -_-
I mean, what am I supposed to do with my 1 Mbps? :tongue:
The connection quality is nothing short of amazing. Can't play online games (I get kicked out due to packet loss, or net gets DC) at all.
iChaitanya said:
The local gateway seems to be faulty. Contact appellate office.
The problem is... how do I get them to believe this? I've exclusively told CC several times my computer is fine, and that the local team also diagnosed it as perfectly fine. But they refuse to believe anything could be wrong with their gateway.
I contacted the appellate authority in January 2013 via email. They said they'd fix it, but after trying to contact them repeatedly after that, got no response in return.
I did email them in January 2013. I'll give a call as well, and see how it goes, tomorrow. Not much point now, as I might be moving out of this area in less than 30 days. Don't they have a stipulated time of 33 days for fixing an issue?

Just talked to the Appellate office. I told them the gateway here is faulty, and that
a) I experience packet loss, both to the gateway and any other website I ping to
b ) The gateway goes down for 2 minutes every 15-20 minutes.
I was then put on hold, while she checked the details. She confirmed that I was getting the "correct" IP. Then, I was told the "technical issue" that is going on is supposed to affect you when you get the correct IP but are still not able to browse, and that such a problem would be experienced from 9AM to 8PM. (Quite ironically, I am getting the correct IP, able to browse, but have packet loss - which means its not to do with the technical issue 😕).
Anyway, she gave me the number to their CC and told me to make a complaint after 8PM. I asked her what I could do if the CC did not solve my complaint, and was told that I could then call the Appellate again and they would then solve it.
2 minutes later after hanging up, I got a call from "Reliance Team Care" from Mumbai. He just took my feedback, and was as useless as anything. Refused to give me any sort of complaint ID and told me that the issue would be resolved as soon as possible, and that their technical team is working. I told him I've had this issue since about 10 months, when I first got this connection, and that I'm thinking of discontinuing the service as it is hardly satisfactory. I also told him that some other people in Delhi itself have smooth pings and no disconnections, while I have these issues, to which, I received the robotic replies that I have been receiving since November 2012.
Registered a complaint last night at 21:30. A timeframe of 24 hours has been given. Will call the appellate next, if it still isn't resolved tonight.
This is just hilarious. Never told them "I was satisfied with the resolution" and this is what they come up with:

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