Future Of Mtnl Iptv

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Before subscribing IPTV, i have a few queries: 1. Is this service available in CBD Belapur Navi Mumbai(since it is already in Vashi, Navi Mumbai)2. Finally, at present what is the actual tariff(apart from the site information, which seems to be quite old)3. No. of channels offered, at present(within the total rental of Rs.299 or less?)4. Are there any chances of the tariffs being reduced?
I Think IpTv was Biggest Flop of the year 2006 !If you are having Mtnl broadband ,You can consider that You can Get IpTv .If they don't reduce installation fees i.e make it Nil and paychannel charges they ain't getting more than 10 customers.I bet on ThatI suggest wait dude, CAs seems to be better than IPTV right now ,Who know Mtnl may announce a surprize!
I read an article on IPTV and what MTNL plans with it. DTH and CAS has nothing in comparison. 😀it just need implementation. feb should see some action here.
Can you provide a link to that article ?Edit : just got the link from the other thread
many possiblities.... and seriously speaking its just wait and watch now... cas,dth, iptv(reliance,mtnl, airtel) all in competition,, just imagine.... the next decade is gonna be that of the consumer ... with so many choices ... this is just the beginning fellas... dont write away the govt services, they will always be there and i bet they would be more competitive then the private players once they come into the picture..and then its only gonna be wat value they provide and wats extra with every service provider.. no matter how much the moral police tries to shut off obscence cinema, but its gonna be the one that would really decide which player has major share of the market 😉
the mumbai mtnl lists about 50 channels.lets hope more channels make it, and one actually gets a choice.would definitely use it for my other tv once iptv gets going(i'm already on CAS, and kinda satisfied 🙂 )

pricing of channels would be the major problem. CAS now has a set pricing.TRAI is considering fixing prices of channels on DTH.IPTV should get that too in the coming months.