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Hey all, I am Ari.I just got Sify broadband connection.I stay in pune and the plan i went for is 256kbs night scheme.The download speed and browsing speed are good but i am facing a problem that the gateway times out a lot.So what could be the problem as its really frustating to wait for it to ping again?Any possible solutionsThanks Ari
Well this gateway problem is simply a malaise of the Sify network. They have setup the nextwork shoddily - and there is nothing you can do about it. There are only two ways to fix it:1. You scream at them till they install a power pack (this also provides backup in the case of a power outage. I do not have this and so lose connectivity whenever the light goes)2. They shift your network over to fibre optics / wireless. They shifted mine to fibre optics a few months ago - since then I have had just one outage.
I had this problem ALL DAY today -- btw, Ari, dont you think sify is good when its at its best ? (No TOs, no RTOs, etc) ??Btw, internal exams comin up -- start preparing brother ! 🙂 -- CeeTee (Yup, the same ol' CeeTee)